NexStar Crop Performance

Sep 22, 2020

Five Star Cooperative announces the launch NexStar™, a bold new
brand to enhance customers and member-owners’ ability to decrease production costs while increasing their potential profitability.
In launching NexStar™ Crop Performance, a new line-up of trademarked crop inputs,
Five Star takes the first step in collapsing the multi-step distribution channel by working
more directly with manufacturers to bring brands under local control to save farmers money.
“By owning the NexStar™ brand, Five Star will reduce agronomic costs, be able to
offer more competitive pricing and keep more of our income close to the cooperative,” says
Ken Smith, CEO of Five Star Cooperative in announcing the new brand. “By removing links
out of the chain, Five Star will be better able to compete with big, multinational players and
further grow relationships with our customers.”
Farmers are under competitive pressure in today’s global grain trade, says Smith, and
are driven to reduce the cost of production to be successful with maximized return on input
investments. “Our cooperative mission is just that. To aid producers in maintaining their
success, not just for today but in the future and preparing for what’s to come.”
Consolidation continues all across agriculture, says Smith, and Five Star is intent on
finding innovative products and services to continue putting members first – decreasing their
costs and saving them money.
“We have become laser-focused on serving our patrons the best way we know how,”
Olin Amundson, Five Star Agronomy Manager says. “Today, that means sourcing our
products more efficiently and finding ways to cut the fat out to deliver optimum value for
NexStar™’s new slogan is “On-point Performance,” with an initial product portfolio
includes crop input additives widely used by corn, soybean and wheat growers. The list
includes JumpPoint™ ST seed treatments and JumpPoint™ plant growth regulator,
SprayPointTM drift control, water conditioners, surfactants, the StayPointTM nitrogen
stabilization system and ProfitPoint™ micronutrients nutritionals. All are available for
immediate sale by working with a local sales agronomist. Five Star is also evaluating
possible crop protection offerings under the CropPoint™ brand.
“The Five Star team has been searching to get into the rapidly growing agronomy
input market with these high quality, lower price point offerings.” says Tom Shatek,
Chairman of the Five Star Board of Directors. “As a director and farmer, I am excited that we
are adding NexStar™ to the mix, allowing our sales team and cooperative to be more price
“These private labeled products will be produced specifically for us and will fit well
into our long-term strategy of servicing members/customers in Iowa, Minnesota and
Wisconsin,” shares Shatek. He sees opportunity for saving money with the NexStar™
products, but also as a way for the cooperative to grow, best adapt to an everchanging market
place and exceed the demands of producers.
“We are always looking for ways to drive cost out of production for farmers and I
think NexStar™ Crop Performance is going to help us do that,” Amundson closes.

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