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Your best choice for high-quality, nutritious, cost-effective rations for more than 100 years, plus ration specialists, management consulting and newer blending technology.

Feeds With Your Profits In Mind

  • We offer bulk and custom-blended feed, along with premixes and medicated feeds.
  • Choose from these management services: nutrition consulting; profit projections and data consulting; plus livestock facility and construction consulting.
  • A large selection of bagged feeds is available at the New Hampton Ag Retail store, including horse, pet, and fish feeds, plus milk replacers.

Swine Feed

Five Star’s supplied high-quality, nutritious, cost-effective feed for more than 100 years.

Feed is just the beginning at Five Star. Our experienced Pork Production Specialists also offers specialist services.

Pork Production Specialist Services

Nutritional Consulting

  • Starter Rations
  • Finishing Rations
  • Gilt Developer Rations
  • Gestation Rations
  • Lactation Rations

Data Consulting

  • Profit Projection Analysis
  • Feed Budgets
  • Medication Budgets
  • Closeout Analysis

Animal and Facility Consulting

  • Pig Sourcing
  • Pig Space Sourcing
  • Periodic Facility Walk-throughs
  • Site Management
  • Growth Management
  • Contract Negotiations

Building Consulting

  • Site Locating
  • Site Permitting
  • Builder References
  • Project Management
  • Manure Management Plans

Show Feed - Blue ribbon feeds for your winners!

Club Lambs

Honor Show Chow (HSC) Lamb Creep 
Great for show lambs and market lambs. Small pellet, good quality, flavorful, high fiber, high fat, 20% protein, medicated with 27.2g/ton Deccox helps prevent urinary calculi.

HSC Show Lamb Grow/Finish 
An excellent feed to develop the proper finish on your lambs.  

Show Cattle

Honor Show Chow (HSC)  Fitter's Edge
Typically used as a grower feed or heifer developer. This has a moderate fat level with good protein.

HSC Finishing Touch 
An excellent steer finisher with a higher fat and good protein.

HSC Full Control 
This is a hold'em diet, works well when the animal’s at a perfect weight 30 to 60 days prior to show. This feed will help hold the cattle and keep them looking fresh.

Grand 4 T Fyer 
Use this concentrate at home or at our feed mill to build high-quality show rations using your own grain.

Show Pigs

HSC Grower 
A proven feed for growing your show pig.

HSC Finisher 
The most popular finisher we sell.

HSC Show Pig Base 
Contains all the goodies as the complete rations, but allows you to use your own grain.


Cattle Feed


  • Rangeland Calf Creep 14
  • Accuration Starter
  • Accuration Range 33 Starter
  • Accuration Grower
  • Accuration Finisher
  • Precon
  • Stress Care 5
  • SteakMaker 36 Grower
  • SteakMaker Finisher 40-20
  • SteakMaker BP Balancer 25 R70


  • Altosid and Availa 4 mineral products
  • Stress Tubs
  • 30-13 Protein Tubs
  • Accuration Hi Fat Tubs
  • Hi Mag Tubs
  • Wind & Rain All Season Mineral Tubs

Beef Production Specialist Services

Nutritional Consulting

  • Beef Ration Balancer
  • Ration/Ingredient Testing
  • Nutrition and Ration Review

Financial Consulting

  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • The Importance of Minerals

Data Consulting

  • FPCM Software - Feedlot Monitoring
  • Intake Analysis
  • Closeout Analysis
  • Management Consulting
  • Feedbunk Management Training
  • Programmed Starting Intakes
  • Implant Program Schedule
  • Specialized Training
  • Herd Health Analysis and Review

Facility Consulting

  • Current Feedlot Analysis
  • Feedlot Expansion
  • New Construction
  • Manure Management

Cattle Marketing/Sourcing

  • Marketing Analysis
  • Marketing Programs
  • Retained Ownership
  • Sourcing Opportunities

Five Star Feed Team

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