Operation Easy

Making Five Star an easy place to do business.

Introducing Operation Easy

At Five Star, we realize expectations are constantly changing. We want to be easy to do business with across our cooperative. We have invested time and resources communicating with current customers about hurdles they encounter in their Five Star interactions and are looking for ways to improve interactions every day. Check out this video from our different departments.

Our Research

We visited with our customer in person, had anonymous feedback options, and sent surveys to provide feedback. Here is what we learned:

  • Customers want easier to read and understand statements and invoices
  • Customers want easier access to payments - on site checks, ACH settlements, etc.
  • Customers want easier to find information about their accounts
  • Customers want access to Five Star knowledge regularly at their fingertips
  • Customers want easy to execute contracts for all areas of business
  • Customers want effortless interactions with Five Star

Our Current Initiatives

  • Improved customer phone and communication experience
  • How-to resources
  • Electronic signature options
  • Energy monitor and monthly route promotion
  • Checks available at more locations
  • Digitalizing customer interactions
  • Spatial data and in-field efficiency for application
  • Improved route truck usage
  • Reduce truck wait times
  • Improved check out process
  • Improved processes for ordering
  • Customer notification options

Our Progress

  • New summary page for statements implemented February 2024
  • Energy price texts on M/W/F
  • Regularly promoting monitors/monthly routes on social media/mailers/in-person
  • Promoting feed order text message ability
  • Testing RFID technology for grain scales
  • Check printer added in Scarville
  • Evaluating options for e-signatures
  • Implemented RDK field mapping with Gator
  • Evaluating Point-of-Sale systems for retail products
  • Built out product parts breakdowns for quick reference
  • Added auto attendant to main phone line to help direct people
  • Implemented email notification for voicemails
  • Added all location hours and contact information to Google
  • Completed Five Star organization chart
  • Promoting the team more on social media

Operation Easy Update

Watch the video with sound to check out the latest progress on Operation Easy.