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A Message from our CEO Ken Smith

      I wanted to share my thoughts with you regarding our potential merger with Farmers Win. It is known that likeminded people coming together can become a powerful force and that is truly what is happening now. There are two boards of directors that deeply care about representing the membership base and maintaining our local control within the same counties we operate today. That group wants to move this opportunity forward. There are two employee teams that want to continue serving the members to the best of their abilities and doing what is right for their operations. This group wants to move this opportunity forward. I speak for the Five Star Senior Leadership team when I say we believe that this merger puts our member-owners and our employee team in a stronger position for the future. We want to move this opportunity forward.
      Over the past months where this process has felt a delay from CoVid-19, we explored some joint activities that could be done together, and it was demonstrated that we are stronger together already. Our joint Feed and Agronomy teams have experienced this firsthand already and have seen the benefits. Soon we will be sharing the summaries of the potential synergy benefits that have been identified. These benefits and opportunities put us in position to pay equity, revolve equity, build assets, keep good people, and ultimately advance our cooperative.
      I look forward to all that is to come with this process and most importantly, our in-person member information meetings this July. I hope you get involved, view our joint website (farmerswinfivestar.com) watch a video, attend a meeting, and ultimately, make an informed decision on what is best for your membership and operation. So, I thank you for your involvement with our cooperative and this part of the cooperative system. I am excited for each spring season, but I am especially excited for this year, as the prospects 2021 look promising on many fronts. I am thankful for our teams, for the hard work they do, and the care they take in serving you, our members. Thank you again for your support and business.

Customer Experience

We are here to serve. We want our members and customers to have a positive and predictable experience across business units and locations. We want to deeply understand our customer needs, and make sure we are placing assets, people, and services around those needs. We must execute our mission statement. 

Employee Experience

Our team is our most important asset. Nothing is more important than our team going home safely. We will continue to stay focused, be aware of surroundings, execute our training, and look out for one another. We will continue to develop and grow our team.

Operational Excellence

How we execute will be a critical aspect of our long-term success. Striving to be more efficient and effective can’t stop. Standardizing processes that produce superior results will have meaningful impact to our members. Areas that we are putting emphasis on include Area Management, Centralized Logistics, Preventative Maintenance and Grow Out Plans. 

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