Five Star Cooperative Energy


Reliability and Convenience

Five Star Cooperative keeps you up and running with a full range of quality fuels, lubricants, fuel delivery, 24-hour fuel dispensing, storage tanks and equipment with dependable service during the busiest of seasons. Depend on four bulk fuel plants, seven propane plants, four Cardtrol locations, keep-fill programs, bulk pricing, reliable rolling stock, and seasonal contracts for diesel, home heat and dryer gas.

New Hampton: 800-334-6958

Burchinal: 800-822-7733

Nashua: 800-433-1712

Five Star Propane

Security of supply during the busiest season. LP tank lease-to-own programs and monthly keep-fill ensure you won’t run out.

Five Star maintains 317,000 gallons of total propane inventory among these locations:

  • Burchinal - 95,000 gallons inventory, 2 propane delivery trucks
  • Colwell - 30,000 gallons inventory
  • Dougherty - 18,000 gallons inventory
  • Hanlontown - 36,000 gallons inventory
  • Lawler - 30,000 gallons inventory
  • Nashua - 48,000 gallons inventory, one propane delivery truck
  • New Hampton - 60,000 gallons inventory, 2 propane delivery trucks 

Bulk Fuels

Bulk fuel delivery (395,000 total gallons inventory) from these locations:

  • Burchinal - 180,000 gallons inventory and 2 delivery trucks
  • Nashua - 27,000 gallons inventory
  • New Hampton - 160,000 gallons inventory and 2 refined fuel delivery trucks
  • Sheffield - 28,000 gallons inventory

Tanks and Equipment

What do you need? We stock:

  • Skid Tanks - Gas and Diesel
  • Fill-Rate Pumps
  • Pump Accessories
  • Propane Tanks and Regulators
  • Copper Tubing and Fittings
  • Propane tank leasing

24-hour Cardtrols

Buy fuel 24 hours a day using major credit cards or local Cardtrol cards.
  • Unleaded
  • Gasohol
  • E85 and other blends (E-15, E-30, E-35 available at New Hampton and Hanlontown)
  • Premium diesel, seasonally adjusted during winter
At these locations:
New Hampton


Quality lubricants

High-quality lubricants to protect your equipment investment

  • Available in quarts through 55-gallon sizes plus bulk for best pricing.
  • Bulk delivery available in early spring and fall

Five Star Energy Team

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