Customer Finds Loyalty and Relationship with Five Star Energy

Oct 18, 2023
Customer Testimonial: Five Star Energy Department
Before switching to Five Star Energy Department, the customer had been purchasing their propane from a supplier across the street. However, when the delivery person retired and a new one took their place, it led to a decline in service quality, prompting the customer to seek an alternative supplier.

Their search for a new propane supplier began with a look at the local landscape. The customer, who had traditionally purchased diesel from the coop, decided to explore other options. This exploration eventually led them to Five Star Energy Department, where they found a more favorable and customer-centric approach.
Being a member of Five Star brought about several tangible benefits. Notably, it gave the customer a voice and a sense of involvement in the decision-making process. This added dimension of community involvement resonated with the customer, making them feel like more than just a typical customer.

The impact on their farming operation has been recognized. The hassle of constantly calling for deliveries became a thing of the past, as Five Star ensured their propane tank was filled regularly. The personalized attention from Rick, Pete, and Bruce, has been invaluable. Additionally, the text alerts system has streamlined their planning and decision-making processes.

What made the customer happiest while working with Five Star was their unwavering commitment during propane shortages. In times of scarcity, the Five Star team went the extra mile, even staying overnight to secure supplies. Their dedication and determination to meet their customers' needs impressed the customer.
Exceeding expectations, the sales and delivery person from Five Star consistently kept the tank full, ensuring that the customer's operation ran smoothly and efficiently. It's not just about doing the job; it's about building and nurturing lasting customer relationships.

The customer recommends Five Star Energy Department to others. Five Star's service eliminates a significant burden, allowing customers to focus on their many other responsibilities. “It’s not all about the price. It’s about the relationship with the delivery man that keeps you supplied.”

In terms of their operational goals, the customer aims to transition their farm to the next generation, ensure profitability, and continuously seek improvement. Five Star's reliability as a propane supplier plays a vital role in achieving these objectives.

If one word were to encapsulate Five Star Energy Department, it would be "relationship." Their dedication to fostering strong, dependable relationships with their customers sets them apart in the industry, and it's something the customer deeply values.