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Local relationships based on experience, trust, and communication.

Knowledge, Speed and Space

Five Star Cooperative Grain is your knowledgeable gateway to global grain markets, with advisors fully informed on related market, transportation and price trends.

As a cooperative, we’re governed by customers and grounded in your needs for flexible marketing and storage options. We help you tailor a marketing plan based on your risk tolerance, storage and operational requirements.

Five Star’s continuously updated facilities offer many services for your convenience. 

We offer on-farm pick up to all co-op locations and shipment to a variety of end grain users that Five Star works with. We also offer grain drying and grain vacuuming services. 

Five Star’s 26 million bushels’ storage across locations allows you to store and sell when it’s most profitable to you.


Local relationships based on trust, listening, and experience, help you choose from the options below to operate profitably in today's changing world:

  • Market
  • Forward Contracts
  • HTA
  • Hedging


We offer these services:

  • Trucking
  • Our semi fleet travels through northern Iowa and southern Minnesota to meet your needs
  • On-farm Pick-up
  • Direct Ship
  • Grain Drying

Cash Bids & Futures

Five Star Grain Contracts



Producer establishes a price, if the market reaches the established price, producer’s grain is sold.



Producer locks in full price for a cash sale for immediate or deferred delivery.



Allows the producer to lock in a futures (CME) price, leaving the basis and delivery period and location to be determined at a later date. Service fees may apply to an HTA contract.



Allows producer to set basis for a delivery period, leaving the futures (CME) price open.



Floor price is established with the use of options.



Allows producer to deliver unpriced grain. Producer may price grain during a timeframe defined in the contract. Can only be used as a cash sale. Service fees may apply.



Deferred payment contracts are used to defer tax liability to another tax year.



14 cents minimum for first 60 days both corn and soybeans. After 60 days, then .17 cent per day thereafter (5.1 cents for 30 days).



Specialty contracts such as Accumulators and Bonus Premiums are available. Please contact a Five Star Originator with questions.

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