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Show Feed


  • HSC Lamb Creep 
    This product works great for show lambs & market lambs.  Small pellet, good quality, ultra care flavor, high fiber, high fat, 20% protein, medicated with 27.2g/ton Deccox & helps prevent occurrence of uinary calculi.  Excellent feed to start your lambs eating and getting performance.

  • HSC Show Lamb Grow/Finish 
    This is an excellent feed to get the proper finish on your lambs. 



  • HSC Fitter's Edge
    This is typically used as a grower feed or a heifer developer.  This is a moderate fat level with good protein.

  • HSC Finishing Touch 
    This is an excellent feed for finishing steers.  This is a higher fat wtih good protein.

  • HSC Full Control 
    This is a hold'em diet.  This feed works well when the animal is at a perfect weight 30 to 60 days prior to show.  This feed will help hold the cattle and keep them looking fresh.

  • HSC Grand 4 T Fyer 
    This is a product to use at home or at our feedmill to build similar diets to the other products using your own grain.



  • HSC Grower 
    This is an excellent feed for growing your show pig.

  • HSC Finisher 
    This is one that is used mostly.

  • HSC Show Pig Base 
    This one has all the goody's as the completes, but allows you to use your own grain.

*Items are not stocked at every location, please allow up to 3 days.

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Cory Lubben

Farm Production Consultant

Beef, Equine, Show Animals, Aqua Culture, and Companion Animal

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