Five Star Cooperative Energy

Reliability And Convenience

Five Star Cooperative keeps you up and running with a full range of quality fuels, propane, lubricants, fuel delivery, 24-hour fuel dispensing, storage tanks and equipment with dependable service during the busiest of seasons. You can depend on us with 4 bulk fuel plants, 7 propane plants, 3 Cardtrol locations, keep-full programs, bulk pricing, reliable rolling stock, and seasonal contracts for diesel, home heat and dryer gas.

New Hampton641.394.3052

Burchinal: 641.822.4660

Nashua: 641.435.4163

Five Star Propane

Security of supply during the busiest season. LP tank lease-to-own programs and monthly keep-full ensure you won’t run out.

Five Star maintains 317,000 gallons of total propane inventory among these locations:

  • Burchinal - 95,000 gallons inventory, 2 propane delivery trucks
  • Colwell - 30,000 gallons inventory
  • Dougherty - 18,000 gallons inventory
  • Hanlontown - 36,000 gallons inventory
  • Lawler - 30,000 gallons inventory
  • Nashua - 48,000 gallons inventory, one propane delivery truck
  • New Hampton - 60,000 gallons inventory, 2 propane delivery trucks 

Bulk Fuels

Bulk fuel delivery (395,000 total gallons inventory) from these locations:

  • Burchinal - 180,000 gallons inventory and 2 delivery trucks
  • Nashua - 27,000 gallons inventory
  • New Hampton - 160,000 gallons inventory and 2 refined fuel delivery trucks
  • Sheffield - 28,000 gallons inventory

Tanks and Equipment

What do you need? We stock:

  • Skid Tanks - Gas and Diesel
  • Fill-Rite Pumps
  • Pump Accessories
  • Propane Tanks and Regulators
  • Copper Tubing and Fittings
  • Propane tank leasing

24-Hour Cardtrols

At these locations:
Hanlontown  |  New Hampton  |  Scarville

Buy fuel 24 hours a day using major credit cards or local Cardtrol cards.
  • Unleaded
  • Gasohol
  • E85 and other blends (E-15, E-30, E-35 available at New Hampton and Hanlontown)
  • Premium diesel, seasonally adjusted during winter

Tank Monitors

Ask us about a device that can be attached to your tank dial that allows, both you and us, to remotely view your current tank fill percentage and notifies us of potential leaks.

Quality lubricants

High-quality lubricants to protect your equipment investment

  • Available in quarts through 55-gallon sizes plus bulk for best pricing.
  • Bulk delivery available in early spring and fall

Five Star Energy Team

Click any image below to view employee contact information, or complete the Contact Us form for a team member to get back to you. 

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