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These proven technologies help you make more profitable decisions.

Your Complete Precision Package

Measure - Utilizing advanced technology, we are able to measure for the most accurate and effective data.
Manage - Utilize the data gathered to make the correct management decisions to maximize your yield.
Multiply - Multiply your success of proper management to maximize return on investment across your operation.

Take advantage of a Soil Sample Package, technologies such as Climate, R7, Variable Rate Prescriptions, Group Date Analytics, and more.

Ask your local Five Star Cooperative Agronomist about our Xcelerate program today!

Five Star Precision Agronomy

Our certified agronomists use proven technologies to deliver diagnostic and prescription services, using tools such as the R7 tool, Climate FieldView, SMS Software, and FieldAlytics.


Here’s more about our offerings:

Grid Soil Sampling
Big data's not good unless the small data components are done right.
Provides detailed information on how to manage fertility, genetics, drainage, and more.
Climate Cab App
Climate Fieldview makes data collection and storage seamless by using a Climate Drive, and Fieldview Cab app.  Have easy access to planting, spraying, harvest, and soil data all year round.
Variable-Rate Technology (VRT) Fertilizer
After soil testing we generate site-specific prescriptions for better nutrient placement.  We are equipped to handle VRT Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen, and Lime applications.
Yield Data Analysis
Using Climate Fieldview we can analyze yield data based on hybrid, soil type, and more.
VRT Seeding
We have the tools to generate variable-rate planting prescriptions based on a number of factors.  Most often we use soil type to generate zones, but in some cases can use yield data and other factors to fine tune the prescription.

Precision News

Answer Tech
Crop Model Field Report: September

Crop Model Field Report: September

This summer, WinField United tested and aggregated the in-season recommendations of the R7® Field Forecasting Tool across the country on what we’re calling Sentinel Plots. We...

Oct 17, 2019
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High-Potential Soybean Traits Require High-Precision Management

High-Potential Soybean Traits Require High-Precision Management

As the 2019 growing season goes into the history books, you’re probably well on your way to creating your 2020 farm plan. If you grow soybeans and are considering your options for...

Oct 04, 2019
Answer Tech
4 Steps to Make the Most of Zone Soil Sampling

4 Steps to Make the Most of Zone Soil Sampling

How did this year’s dynamic weather affect your soil’s health? One way to find out is by doing a soil test this fall. The results can help you set a baseline for managing...

Oct 02, 2019
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Plan Now to Mitigate 2019’s Weeds In Your Fields

Plan Now to Mitigate 2019’s Weeds In Your Fields

Don’t let 2019 weed challenges haunt you in 2020. Abundant moisture last spring and in early summer meant that weed populations flourished and adequate control was difficult. So...

Oct 01, 2019
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8 Tips for Gauging Crop Performance and Harvest Needs

8 Tips for Gauging Crop Performance and Harvest Needs

This growing season is one for the record books — and not always in a good way. But as challenging as it’s been, there are still lessons to learn and things you can do to...

Sep 30, 2019

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