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Five Star Cooperative is a full service, reliable source of nutrients, seed, advice, application, precision technology, crop scouting and crop protection products and application. Listening is our business, technology and expertise are our tools. Managing risk and reaching each hybrid’s full yield potential is the goal.

Our certified agronomists tailor proven technologies, expertise, and products to your farm. From soil testing, to hybrid selection and planting populations, nutrient management and placement, scouting, disease and weed diagnostics and control, we tailor solutions aimed at Return on Investment. Technology and colorful maps are only valuable when based upon your input.

About Us

Five Star Cooperative is on call to serve farmers in north central and north east Iowa from 22 locations.

We offer the highest quality inputs, including:
  • Full range of fertilizers (liquids, granular blends, anhydrous, urea, 28% N, 32% N, 0-0-60 potash, MAP, starters, and micronutrients 
  • Custom fertilizer blends, (liquid and dry), in-furrow treatments,  side dressing/ top dressing in season.
  • Herbicides and crop protection products, recommendations and application services.
  • Products you know and trust from most agribusinesses, which include but not limited to Agrisolutions, BASF, Bayer, Corteva Agriscience (formerly Dow Dupont), FMC and Syngenta. 
  • The expertise to support the timely and accurate use of these products in cost-effective, sustainable ways, with industry-leading equipment and manpower.

Agronomic and Field Services

  • Seed sales and hybrid/variety and hybrid placement for corn, soybeans, alfalfa
  • Timely, reliable, experienced custom application of most of our products per your specifications
  • Top dressing 
  • Field scouting and diagnostics


Your certified co-op agronomist helps you identify the best seed hybrid or variety for your soil types and goals, field histories and diagnostics. Then, we recommend the best planting populations based upon field histories with the right seed treatments and fertility levels. Five Star agronomists are backed by the industry-leading Winfield United, a deep bench of research, talent, and proven technologies.

Featuring proven premium seed with the full range of trait options from brands include but not limited to DeKalb, Asgrow, CropPlan Genetics, Mycogen, NK
Allow us to help you with various hybrid/variety seed guides, such as:

Precision Ag

Our certified agronomists use proven technologies to deliver diagnostic and prescription services, using tools such as the R7 tool, Climate FieldView, SMS Software, and FieldAlytics.

Crop scouting, crop diagnostic assessments and appropriate treatments are considered along with your input, profit and yield goals. 


Agronomy News

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Take a Full-Season Approach to Sunflower Weed Control

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Make This Adjustment to Help Reduce Dicamba Drift Potential in 2020

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