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Five Star Co-op offers many types of sampling to fit your needs.  Whether you prefer traditional/conventional, grid or zone management techniques we are here to help you get the data and make the best fertilizer and planting choices to maximize your yield potential.

Soil Samples:  Potassium (K), Phosphate (P), pH, Buffer pH, and Micronutrients. 
Grid Sampling & Zone Testing provides detailed information on how to manage fertility, genetics, drainage and so forth.

Talk to your local Five Star Agronomist to see which options are best suited to your field.

VRT Fertilizer Recommendations

After a soil test is performed, the next step is to develop a site specific prescription for better nutrient placement in the recommended areas.

We are equipped with state of the art equipment to handle of your VRT Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), Lime and Nitrogen applications.

Contact your local Five Star Co-op to see how we can put this technology to work in your fields!

Collecting & Analyzing Yield Data, & Yield Map Printing

We will assist you with collecting your field's yield data, analyze the data, make recommendations, and also prepare and print maps of your field.


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